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The Slayer Chronicles

Long ago, a race of fearsome, mighty and evil beings ruled the world of Earth. Their power
was so great, they were viewed as terrible gods, for none could stand against them. These
beings were known as the Old Ones. They were eventually driven out of Earth's dimension
by their good counterpart, The Powers That Be. Any others that were left were entombed in
the Deeper Well, also known as 'The Hole in the Earth,' a location whose entrance is inside a
tree in what is now England. There are many who deem to see their return and will stop at
nothing to achieve this. But there are also those who fight on the side of good, hoping to stop
them any way they can. One of these is a powerful female warrior known as the Slayer,
known throughout even other dimensions. It is a destiny that is passed from one girl to the
next after the previous one has died, one who might be able to keep the darkness at bay and
protect humanity from all the bad thereabouts. But there are others who seek to carve their
own mark of goodness in the world, for good and evil and everything in between come in
many shades. Nothing is completely black and white in a universe such as this. Morality can
go either way, even for those whose paths seem set in stone...

Set in the intriguing universe of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, this game is an AU (alternate
universe) and as such features all original characters that fit into its unique and interesting
background. There is no set time or place in this alternate setting, so that opens up a wide
range of character possibilities. From Vampires to Slayers (in different time periods), Werewolves to Witches, Watchers to
Demons and more, you are allowed to play any character type that can be found in the Slayer-verse,
and from any period in time, even the future. The Buffy-verse is your immense
playground to do with as you will, provided it works in the overall scheme of things.

While this game is based on the Buffy/Angel universe and features the same mythology and terminology, it will not contain nor mention any canon characters or events. It is a 100% alternate universe.
Original characters ONLY.

The dark world of the supernatural awaits those brave enough to enter its webs of intrigue
and corruption...

What tales will YOU spin here?

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